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Save time by purchasing OsteoNaturals product line in our 3-pack containing of 1 container each of OsteoStim, OsteoSustain, and OsteoMineralBoost.


What’s included in the Osteo 3-Pack:

OsteoStim® is a potent blend of antioxidants, vitamins, grape extract, milk basic protein and medicinal herbs uniquely formulated to encourage normal bone metabolism (bone resorption and formation), support individuals with low bone density (osteopenia and osteoporosis), and manage the metabolic processes of osteoporosis.*


OsteoSustain™ is a vitamin/mineral supplement formulated to sustain bone health and provide natural support for low bone density (osteopenia or osteoporosis). OsteoSustain is recommended for anyone interested in maintaining or improving the current status of their skeletal health.*


OsteoMineralBoost™ is a mineral supplement which combines calcium (MCHA), magnesium, and trace minerals (Aquamin seaweed), plus betaine HCL for improved digestion/absorption. OsteoMineralBoost is recommended for individuals who feel they may need extra mineral support due to the severity of their bone loss (osteopenia or osteoporosis).*


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Osteo 3-Pack

SKU: 3-Pack
  • OsteoSustain™ is a vitamin/mineral supplement formulated to sustain bone health and provide natural support for low bone density (osteopenia or osteoporosis).

    OsteoSustain is recommended for anyone interested in maintaining or improving the current status of their skeletal health.


    Uniquely formulated to ensure therapeutic effectiveness for sustained bone health, OsteoSustain™ includes vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin K, calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese, boron, and silica (bamboo extract). The minerals used in this formula are from Albion Advanced Nutrition, the leader in quality chelated minerals with outstanding absorption. OsteoSustain™ is non-GMO and gluten free. 

    Vitamin C (200 mg) (calcium ascorbate) - Potent antioxidant and essential cofactor for bone collagen cross-linking.

    Vitamin D3 (1,000 IU) (cholecalciferol) – Induces transcription of more than 50 genes. Vitamin D increases intestinal absorption of calcium, promotes higher bone mineral density, lowers fracture risk, improves muscle strength and decreases the risk for falls.

    Vitamin K (K1 phylloquinone 900 mcg, K2-MK4 menaquinone 100 mcg) – Vitamin K intake is related to higher bone mineral density and lower incidence of fractures. It is necessary for activating osteocalcin, the “glue” released by osteoblasts during the formation of new, strong, bone.

    Calcium (500 mg) (dicalcium malate, calcium citrate nitrate, calcium bisglycinate chelate, calcium ascorbate) - In addition to being the most important mineral for bone health, calcium is essential for muscle contractions, nerve conduction, release of hormones, and enzyme activity. Calcium intake is associated with a 24% reduction in the risk of hip fracture.71 Higher calcium intakes are related to higher bone mass 72 and retards bone loss in postmenopausal women.73

    Magnesium (300 mg) (dimagnesium malate, magnesium citrate, magnesium bisglycinate chelate) - Essential for bone matrix synthesis, magnesium is also an essential cofactor for over 300 important enzyme reactions.

    Zinc (10 mg) (zinc bisglycinate chelate) – Important cofactor for bone formation and mineralization. Zinc stimulates gene expression of osteoblasts, promotes bone formation and mineralization, and inhibits osteoclast cell formation.74

    Copper (1 mg) (copper bisglycinate chelate) - Necessary cofactor for enzymes involved in the synthesis of bone collagen.

    Manganese (2 mg) (manganese bisglycinate chelate) - Necessary cofactor for enzymes involved in the synthesis of bone collagen.

    Boron (4 mg) (boroganic glycine) - Reduces urine calcium loss, and activates estrogen and vitamin D.

    Silica (21 mg) (bamboo extract) – Important for the formation of flexible bone-collagen matrix. Helps bone quality remain youthful and resilient, a key to fracture risk reduction. There is a significant association between silica intake and hip bone mineral density in estrogen-replete women.75


    OsteoMineralBoost™ is a mineral supplement which combines calcium (MCHA), magnesium, and trace minerals (Aquamin seaweed), plus betaine HCL for improved digestion/absorption.

    OsteoMineralBoost is recommended for individuals who feel they may need extra mineral support due to the severity of their bone loss (osteopenia or osteoporosis).

    Microcrystalline Hydroxyapatite - Calcium (420 mg) - This “bone-boosting” formula includes MCHA (microcrystalline hydroxyapatite) derived from whole bovine bone from Australia (certified free from BSE). MCHA not only provides calcium and phosphorus in their natural ratios but also includes the organic portion of bone including important biologically active growth factors. These growth factors can stimulate the cells found within bone and enhance bone formation. While calcium and
    phosphorus are extremely important for bone health, the trace minerals in MCHA (including magnesium, fluoride, zinc, silicon, manganese, and
    others) act as important cofactors for enzymes involved bone matrix production. MCHA has been shown to prevent bone loss in post-menopausal women, 76 and in a meta-analysis of 6 controlled trials it was determined that MCHA was significantly more effective in preventing bone loss than calcium carbonate.77

    Aquamin® Seaweed (750 mg) - As a result of decades of aggressive modern farming techniques in America, our soils have become nutrient-poor and our fruits and vegetables no longer contain the trace minerals necessary to rely strictly on dietalone as a sole source of many nutrients, especially trace minerals. For this reason,OsteoMineralBoost™ also contains Lithothamnion coralliodes, an additional source oftrace minerals. This mineral-rich seaweed is harvested from the sea-bed in watersoff the coasts of Ireland and Iceland. Red marine algae multimineral extract is rich incalcium, magnesium, and 74 other trace minerals and is highly bioavailable. Traceminerals act as cofactors for enzymatic formation of amino acids, proteins, hormones,and neurotransmitters, and they keep our nervous system, with its trillionsof electrical impulses a day, working flawlessly. Trace minerals also act as essentialcofactors in bone metabolism. Supplementation of red marine algae in female micewas shown to improve bone structure and function.78

    Magnesium (355 mg) - OsteoMineralBoost™ supplies an extra dose of magnesium (dimagnesium malate) in addition to that found in MCHA and Lithothamnion coralliodes. Magnesium (as well as trace minerals) is often found deficient in the general population, especially in the elderly, due to reduced dietary intake and reduced intestinal absorption. Not only are there well over 300 magnesium-dependent
    enzymatic functions necessary for normal body function but low magnesium levels profoundly affect the immune system and mechanisms of inflammation. In fact, there is a strong link between low-magnesium status, inflammation, and pathology. 79 Magnesium deficiency induces lipid peroxidation, elevates pro-inflammatory cytokines, Il-1 and Il-6, and leads to the activation of NF-κB, the special protein found within every cell that is the final spark to inflammation as well as hyperaggressive
    osteoclastic activity and bone loss.

    Betaine HCL (300 mg) - OsteoMineralBoost™ also contains betaine hydrochloric acid (HCL). As people age it becomes more difficult to absorb minerals such as calcium and trace minerals because the stomach produces less hydrochloric acid, and digestion is compromised. In addition, betaine HCL has been shown to reduce elevated homocysteine levels, a known fracture risk due to its detrimental 
    effect on bone collagen.


    OsteoStim® A potent blend of antioxidants,vitamins and medicinal herbs OsteoStim® is designed to encourage normal bone metabolism and a reduction in bone resorption markers (NTx, CTx,and DPD). (Bone resorption markers are laboratory tests that measure the amount of bone collagen in either the blood or urine. Elevated bone resorption markers are used as secondary surrogate indicators of bone loss.) OsteoStim® contains vitamin D, vitamin K2 (MK-4 and MK-7), biotin, alpha lipoicacid, N-acetyl cysteine, berberine, milk basic protein, L-taurine, curcumin phytosome (curcuminoids and phosphatidylcholine complex), grape extract (BioVin®) and milk thistle, key effectors in the metabolism of bone resorption andformation. OsteoStim ® is non-GMO and gluten free.

    This unique complex contains effective levels of compounds that help to:
    • Improve calcium absorption and reduce calcium loss in the urine.
    • Dampen chronic inflammation (a cause of increased osteoclastic bone resorption).
    • Limit NF-κB production (a key to reducing inflammation and osteoclast activity).
    • Repress PPAR-gamma activity (therefore encourages more osteoblast and less fat cell formation in the bone marrow).
    • Regulate key elements of inflammatory signaling involved in the RANK/RANKL/OPG system of bone remodeling.
    • Activate osteocalcin production (vital for bone crystal formation).
    • Reduce premature osteoblast cell death
    • Stimulate osteoblast activity.
    • Facilitate hydroxyapatite deposition in bone matrix.
    • Enhance immune function.
    • Improve muscle strength to aid in the prevention of falls.
    • Reduce free radicals and oxidative stress.
    • Reduce excessive formation of bone-destroying osteoclast cells.
    • Reduce osteoclastic activity and bone destruction.
    • Stimulate bone formation.
    • Prevent bone loss.

    Vitamin D3 (1,000 IU):
    • An estimated 80% of elderly women are vitamin D deficient (<20 ng/ml). Blood levels should be maintained between 40 and 60 mg/ml for optimal calcium absorption and immune system response.
    • Low levels results in reduced bone mass and poor muscle function.
    • Serum vitamin D levels are associated with higher bone density.
    • Doses greater than 800 IU/day of vitamin D can prevent fractures.
    • Daily doses of 700 to 800 IU lowers the risk of hip fracture 26% and any non-vertebral fracture by 23%.
    • Vitamin D supplementation is linked to reduced risk of falls. 

    Vitamin K2-MK4 (700 mcg) and K-2-MK7 (50 mcg):
    • Vitamin K2 is an important cofactor for all vitamin K-required activities in the body. There are two important forms of vitamin K2. MK4 is the form that is naturally synthesized by the body from vitamin K1, and MK7 is from natto—a food product made from fermented soybeans.
    • Vitamin K2-MK4 is not only the form of vitamin K2 that has been the most researched, but it also has been shown to be the only form of vitamin K able to activate a critical step in collagen formation not seen with K1 or K2-MK7. 
    • Vitamin K2-MK7 may have a longer blood plasma half-life than MK4. For this reason, OsteoStim® includes this form of vitamin K2 thereby ensuring a continuous,effective level of vitamin K2 availability to the bones for optimal carboxylation andactivation of osteocalcin.
    • Activates genetic expression of osteoblasts through a PKA-dependent mechanism. 
    • Vitamin K deficiency is associated with reduced bone mineral density and increasedfracture risk. 
    • Vitamin K2 acts as a cofactor in the gamma-carboxylation of glutamic acid residuesof many calcium-binding proteins important to bone formation, the most importantof which is osteocalcin from osteoblasts.
    • Osteocalcin, a vitamin K-dependent protein, is necessary for hydroxyapatite crystalformation and as a hormone for the stimulation of insulin release and energymetabolism.
    • Low levels of vitamin K-dependent carboxylated osteocalcin, or high levels of under-carboxylated osteocalcin, carry an increased risk for femoral neck fracture.
    • Necessary for reducing renal calcium loss.
    • Vitamin K2 has been shown to build bone density.

    Biotin (3,000 mcg):
    • A water-soluble B-complex vitamin, it is necessary for cell growth. Stores may be decreased with supplemental intake of alpha-lipoic acid.

    Alpha-Lipoic Acid (200 mg):
    • An essential cofactor for mitochondrial activity and energy production
    • Powerful and unusual antioxidant in that it can attack free radicals in both fat and water-soluble tissues. A key attribute for its ability to reduce abnormal levels of cytokine activity within the fatty marrow of bone.
    • Reduces reactive oxygen species (ROS) (free radicals), and protects cells from oxidative damage.
    • Reduces the damaging effects of proinflammatory cytokines (Il-1, Il-6) and NF-κB and their ability to hyper-stimulate osteoclast bone resorbing activity.
    • Attenuates bone loss associated with TNF-α induced ROS and oxidative stress. 86
    • Inhibits Cox-2 activity, PGE2 production, and sustained RANKL expression thereby inhibiting osteoclast formation and bone loss in vitro.

    N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) (600 mg):
    • Estrogen deficiency induces bone loss through increased ROS production. N-acetyl cysteine’s antioxidant activity restores estrogen-dependent regeneration of glutathione peroxidase to help lower ROS and therefore reduce osteoclast cell formation and bone resorption.
    • ROS and TNF-α not only stimulate osteoclast resorption but also suppress osteoblast differentiation.
    • ROS is a potent inducer of the pro-inflammatory cytokines IL1, IL6, and TNF-α and are key players in estrogen-deficient bone loss.
    • Lowers activation of NF-κB
    • Stimulates osteoblast differentiation.

    Taurine (200 mg):
    • An organic sulfonic acid that aids in the digestion of fats
    • Vital for optimal muscle function and maintains biologically balanced cellular levels of potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium
    • Helps maintain bone homeostasis by directly inhibiting osteoclast cell formation through the taurine transporter.

    Berberine HCL (250 mg):
    • Inhibits osteoclastic activity and increase in bone mineral density in mice.
    • Balances kinase (AMPk) signaling when RANKL levels are excessive thereby decreasing NF-κB production in osteoclasts.
    • Represses PPAR-gamma thereby limiting fat cell production in bone marrow and increasing osteoblast formation.
    • Stimulates osteoblast bone formation through Runx2.
    • Prevents glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis by inhibiting bone resorption and improving bone formation in rats.
    • Reduces bone loss by inhibiting osteoclast formation, differentiation, and bone resorption.

    Curcumin Phytosome: (100 mg):
    • Curcuminoids and phosphatidylcholine complex for enhanced bioavailability (curcumin typically has poor absorpiton)
    • Lowers systemic markers of inflammation
    • Decreases lipid peroxides
    • Lowers TNF-alpha and NF-KB
    • Improves bone density
    • Reduces bone loss by inhibiting osteoclast formation, differentiation, and bone resorption.

    Grape Extract: (75 mg) 

    • BioVin® - standardized to contain 75% polyphenols
    • Enhanced collagen synthesis
    • Improves bone density through a duel action of reducing osteoclastic activity and boosting osteoblastic bone formation
    • Reduces inflammation.

    MBP® (Milk Basic Protein) (40 mg)
    • A fraction of whey, milk basic protein promotes bone formation and inhibits boneresorption. A potent immune regulator rich in lactoferrin and other glycoproteinssuch as immunoglobulins that promotes osteoblastic activity and reduces osteoclasticbone resorption through the inhibition of proinflammatory cytokines IL-1 IL-6,and TNF-α
    • The lactoferrin in MBP® helps reduce inflammation. It promotes osteocalcin productionand bone formation.
    • Lactoferrin promotes intestinal absorption of essential trace minerals while limitingintestinal mucosal absorption of heavy metal ions.

    Milk Thistle (silymarin) (200 mg):
    • A powerful flavonoid that suppresses osteoclasts through the attenuation of RANKL and promotes osteoblastogenesis (the formation of osteoblasts and their ability to form new bone).
    • A medicinal herb and potent antioxidant that helps decrease oxidative stress by replenishing the body’s stores of glutathione.
    • Inhibits osteoclast differentiation mediated by TNF superfamily.(Tumor necrosis factor transmembrane proteins are involved in cell development and regulation of immune cell functions. Excessive production of TNF proteins contribute to the development of human diseases including cancer, autoimmune diseases, and 
    • Dietary flavonoid intakes are associated with higher bone mineral density.

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